Thursday, May 18, 2017


     My image of greatness was Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was an image of greatness because he conquered so many cities and parts of countries. He was one of the greatest Roman Generals and maybe one of the greatest military figures in the entire world.
     The part that makes me the most proud out of the entire unit was being able to go up on stage and say our bio-riddles. I also thought that is was very nerve racking, but really fun. I think that the entire night was one of the best times I have ever had. That is for school anyways.
     The most challenging part of the entire unit was writing the essay. I say this because I don't consider myself as a good writer, so writing anything is hard. The essay also was supposed to be about your person's life and what they did. I thought it was hard to write about their entire life in the essay, but that's my opinion.
     I think I grew as a learner because for this project I had to find sources that were not just given to me. I know we did this for History Day, but when there is more people it is easier to find the sources. I also think that searching for my own sources twice helped me think about it more and figure what to trust and what not to trust.
     I think could have improved more on my essay by putting more time into it. I think that I didn't put much time into it because it is an essay and I dislike writing. I also think that soccer practice got in the way of it, but then again student comes before athlete. I also think that I procrastinated to much during the project while typing our essays. I wish I could have more into to make a better essay. The essay itself is just another piece of homework, so I don't really have any excuses other than the fact that I don't like writing.
     The best part of the Image of Greatness celebration was how we all did well and how fast it ended. We worked on the project all quarter and then it was just over in about an hour and a half. I didn't expect the night to go by so quickly and I couldn't believe how well we did on stage. I think just succeeding in general was the best part.

     My favorite educational part of the trip was the art museum that we went to after Spaghetti Works. This was my favorite part because the place was huge and it some art that was very confusing and you had to read the sign to learn about them. I learned that many different things can be considered art which surprised me.
     I learned the most from the World Food Prize. I learned about all the people who fed others and increased the production of food. Those people saved so many lives and earned a great award that only some people have earned.
     The thing that surprised me the most was all the art that I would have never considered art. I thought this was very surprising and something I never would have thought about. I think this was just an interesting place overall.
     I listed that the line of gold in the crack at the museum wasn't something that I would expect to be art. I also thought that the mom spitting on her son wasn't art. The sign said it was showing how not to act in the library. So I kind of understood, but not very well.
     We did not break out of our room because we forgot one of the pieces in the code for the final door. This made us all mad and super angry. It was a 5% escape rate room, but it still makes us very mad.
     I think the best part of the trip was when Sam blasted his music at 5 o' clock and woke us all up. It was very annoying, but very funny. It hurt me so much, but it was so hilarious.
     The best part of GOAL was when The Kevin Kretz shot me in the face with some Germ-X. It was really funny and the best part of GOAL. Nathan found some under his desk so we went to clean it off and Kevin got the Germ-X and shot me with it. It wasn't on purpose though.
     I would tell students that they should not procrastinate and don't make Mrs. Edlin mad and you will succeed.
     They should be excited about doing all the fun projects and doing all the fun things you get to do as a class.
     I will miss everybody and I just want you to know I love all of you :)


Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

     The topic that our group researched was the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The plot was about a group of Roman Catholics that took a stand against the government. They made a plan to blow up the British Parliament and King James I. The plot was led by Robert Catesby. We made a website using Weebly, the tool that was provided to us by NHD.
     I agree with what the judges said about our project. The judges said our project was "Absolutely phenomenal." I agree with the judges because I thought we worked really hard and apparently they thought we did too. We also made many changes to make our project look very professional.
     The most interesting thing I learned in our researched is what they would do to the people they hanged, drew, and quartered. Hanged, drawn, and quartered was when a person was hanged almost to the point of death. Then they would be tied to a horse and dragged to the place they would get quartered. For quartering the would cut off you head, arms, and your legs. Then they would cut your torso in to four quarters. Then sometimes they would take peoples body parts that have been cut up and put them on or near populars places or monuments.
     I think the hardest part of our project was communicating. I think this because when someone would do something that others wouldn't like we would up yelling and arguing for most of the class period. This made our group run out of time very quickly and we would end behind, but luckily we caught back up.
     I improved as a learner by understanding, even more than before, how to get information and understand it when making a huge project. I also learned that even though annotations are annoying the are important because they tell the people who are looking at what you have created understand what you used the source for.
     In my opinion, we could improve the project by making every page look exactly the same. We could also test some of the other parts of Weebly to make our project look nice and appealing. This would also make our website look professional.
     I am the most proud of how neat and professional the pages of the website look. They almost all look the same and are appealing to others in my opinion. They look nice and are put together very neatly. I think the setup of each page looks very professional.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

For my project I talked about Greek Mythology. I added some facts about what a mythical being is and what each group is called. Then I choose three Gods that people have heard of, but probably didn't know much about. Then I added a conclusion about why I did the project.

The thing that I liked the most about my project was getting the facts. The reason why getting the facts was the best is because I wanted to know more about each one of these Gods. That is basically why I did Greek Mythology for my project.

The hardest part of my project was finding pictures that were appropriate. Most of the pictures were of sculptures and the sculpture show just about everything. That's why I thought the pictures were the hardest part.

I learned that to be really great on your topic you need to have all the facts on each part. When I was making my project I thought about my other projects in the past. Most of the time in those I didn't completely master all the words or say them with confidence.

If I could do it over again I would go to more sites to get more information about each part of my project. I would do this so when people ask questions I don't say I don't know or I didn't find I could answer the question and try to give a better explanation so they understand. Also, I would go to the sites for myself just so I can get more information because I did this project to learn more about each God.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

        We learned about Shakespeare through the past couple of weeks. We read the script of Taming of the Shrew,  watched a movie about it, and also went a field trip to see his first folio. This is what we have done so far with Shakespeare and his things he has written.

        In my opinion, Kate was tamed because she seemed to have just given up on Petruchio and the way he acts. She knew she wasn't going to get her way when they disagreed, so I think she just started to agree with him towards the end and starts following what Petruchio says. That's why I think she gave that big long speech to show that she was "tamed", but there are some people that say she wasn't tamed and she just came out and said that.

        The death scenes and insults helped because it made me understand how Shakespeare's plays are written and how confusing it was going to be when we watch and read Shakespeare's plays. The death scene cards had what play the scene came from and the character who was dying in the scene. This showed what some of the plays and how the characters in each one died.

        I think it is important that we learn about Shakespeare even 400 years from now because first of all you can see the amazing plays that he wrote that people still love. Another thing is that you can see the language that they used and what Shakespeare came up with in his plays. People love what he wrote and so learning about him could also show you if how Shakespeare acted was how the people in his play acted. You could also see if any of the characters remind you of Shakespeare.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

My academic goal for this school year is to get good grades. I also don't want to get behind in the work that we do or not get my homework done. My behavioral goal is to not get in trouble a lot or have detentions. If I get a detention I will probably get in more trouble at home. I would like to improve on my organization and maybe if I don't get 100% on an assignment to re do it and try harder. These three categories are important because I will have more free time and not have to worry about other things. I will also have sports to take care of which makes everything harder which is another reason I need to get everything done. If I don't get everything done I won't get to play the sports I enjoy playing. That is all I have to say.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breakout Box: Reflection

    A Breakout Box is a box that has many locks on it. You get different codes to open the locks inside can be a prize or you could just get trolled. It may be hard, but you have to think outside the box to get inside the box.
    The skills we needed to solve them were communication and teamwork skills. Other skills you need is to be able to search for things and understand what they mean not just go right by it. Those skills can be important in understanding and opening the box. You may find other skills that are important that I may not of said or didn't know about.
    The skills you need to design your own is communication and teamwork. Those are both really good in almost everything you do because then everyone knows what you are thinking. You can also have the skills of making the clues and making clues aren't too hard or too easy.
    What went well for the other group with ours was the question were not too easy and not too hard. Another thing that went well was they didn't hear all the clues Yana gave.
     Some unexpected challenges were when they gave us a topic not all of us knew about. Those are about the only one other than how their clues were pretty hard.
    A topic you can use is about how people learned back in the days. This is a good idea because school is about learning. Then they can see how other people learned.    

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hannibal Reflection

 What we did on this field trip was go to hannibal to learn more about Mark Twain. We went because we had a unit on Mark Twain. Mark Twain was an author that wrote books about his life and what he did. Mark was a humorous person and could make fun of people and they would laugh and sometimes not realize they were getting made fun of. Hannibal which is in Missouri is the place where Mark Twain grew up. He did some stuff that was fun like play in a spooky cave.
  The most educational part of the trip was going through the cave. The tour guide told us about what Mark did in his spare time with his friends. What I learned was that they had names for the places in the cave and you could get lost really fast because there are so many passage ways.
 The most fun part was the cave because going through it and seeing what people have done. The best part about it was seeing the passage ways, signatures, and the different places that have nicknames.
 An improvement is louder speakers on the trolly because it was hard to hear what the person was saying. It might not have been the speakers fault it could have been the wind or the talking I just couldn't hear what the he was saying.
 The research helped because we didn't go there and not know anything about Mark Twain. We went there and knew a little bit and somethings were clarified while we were there. We could see things in the cave that were in the book. It was pretty cool to see things you read about.